Shoe Ins

So I said I wasn’t going to buy anymore clothes. So I got shoes instead. Because once upon a time I saw this picture on Pinterest.

I couldn’t stop thinking about these two tone Birkenstock Bostons. Apparently they were limited edition and even though I searched the inter webs exhaustively, I could not find a pair. I even messaged an Instagram account that I follow — @birkenstocksandsocks — to see if they knew of a source. They suggested that I get a regular pair dyed.

So for months I’ve been looking for a neutral used pair in thrift shops and on Poshmark and eBay. No luck. But all that searching triggered a targeted ad for the faux birks from Joe Fresh.

A couple of weeks ago I got some fabric markers from Dollarama so whilst looking at these much less expensive shoes, it struck me that I could make my own two tone clogs. Which I did. Now I just want to do it with real Birkenstocks next.

And since I was already on the Joe Fresh site, I bought these The North Face inspired slip on shoes. Winter is coming.