New Watch Alert

I often fall in love with the watches I write about, but it is a rare thing when I can afford them. This helps keep my collection in check. Recently, I wrote about Parchie — a new start up selling watches for children. Cara Barrett, formerly of Hodinkee, is the brains behind the brand and she brings a passion for watches and her marketing savvy to the project.

I wrote about the collection for Watchonista (you can read that review here.) Even though it’s meant for kids, I just found the design and construction details so appealing that I wanted one for myself.

My Parchie arrived on Thursday and has been barely off my wrist since. I’m sharing my unboxing photos because the packaging was something I didn’t address in my Watchonista write up. The paper box is super cute. The whole presentation projects so much positivity. The watch itself is a joy to wear thanks to the light aluminum case.

If you are looking for a great starter watch for a young one, I’d highly recommend Parchie because it’s colourful without being infantilizing so kids can grow with it. Plus it’s very affordable.