Rocks That I Got

Here ate some recent rock acquisitions. Pictured up top is a titanium coated quartz (the rainbow effect is not found in nature) and a stone my sister picked up for me in Death Valley a few years ago (but that she kept forgetting to give me.

I love rocks and I always put one in my pocket when I travel (the crystal is from a trip to Connecticut). But recently an acquaintance started posting about the impact of the crystal trade. And now I have something else to feel guilty about. I have rocks from everywhere. and don’t get me started about all my semi-precious and precious stone jewelry.

I have to find a way to not feel bad about every thing. Especially when I still indulge in many of the things i feel bad about (like clothes shopping and eating an Aero snack-sized chocolate for Halloween even though I’m boycotting Nestlé).

On the plus side, I should be happy that I’m still learning new things. I can learn to find joy in things that don’t exploit workers or the environment. I can still pick up the occasional stone and put it in my pocket.