Happy Halloween

Halloween is my favourite of the chocolate holidays. I’ve been celebrating all month. And if you are slight glam or gothy (or both), it’s also the best time to shop for fancy clothing and accessories.

Earlier this month I fell down a Pinterest hole of vintage Halloween costumes (inspired by the artist Gary Basemen’s collection of old photos of people i fancy dress). Anyway, once you educate yourself on a subject, its easier to spot examples in the wild.

On Friday I visited the Value Village on my way to meet my nephew for dinner. There, I spotted this rarity — a cheap cotton Mephisto suit probably from the 1950s. I’m settling on this date because the manufacturers of pre-packaged costumes switched to shinier and more flammable materials in the 1960s.

Ah the 1950s, when every kid wanted to dress up like the German demon from the Faust legend. Does it fit me? No. Do I have any idea what I’m gonna do with it? Of course not. Did I buy it? Yes.