Rock Show

Last Thursday we went to our first live music event in over two years. We attended a couple of virtual concerts over the pandemic, but can’t even remember what band we last saw live. My whole timeline has been shattered over the pandemic. It’s kind of like when you get a concussion and there’s just a big gap in the centre of your story. It’s like we’re all the old guy in the line at the coffee shop who keeps telling you that the building used to house a bank.

The show (Goodbye Honolulu with opening act 9 Million) was at Lee’s Palace, a venue where I spent a good chunk of my twenties. As an old, I spent too much time reminiscing about bands I’d seen there.

I also spent a lot of time figuring out an appropriate outfit. It’s been awhile so I don’t know how folks dress for shows. Plus I had to account for my aging body so comfortable but glam pieces were key. Fortunately most of my wardrobe is geared to what I call “Hot Matron” so i selected velvet joggers, a smocked black tshirt, a tweed faux Chanel jacket and a fun fur collar. Just in case we had to stand for a long time, I also picked out a pair of sensible shoes. Overall it was a look that could be layered. there’s nothing more awkward than trying to rock out in a cute ensemble while wrassling a heavy coat and having a sweater tied around your waist.

It’s also nice to find ways to support bands, especially after surviving the pandemic. Merch is a good way to spread the word and the wealth. I bought this tee because the graphics reminded me of 1970s CB radio calling cards