Been undertaking a bunch of decluttering projects this month. Rationalizing our space has always been a challenge for me because I’ll organize, say, a box of pens but then won’t have a place to put said box. So I’ll either have a clutter of containers.

This month I’ve had a bit more success in organizing my stuff. The key this time was getting rid of stuff. I am trying to be conscious about decluttering by reselling rather than donating so reducing took more time, but that time allowed me to reflect on my purchasing patterns.

As for organizational aids, I also took more time to search for things that would actually help address clutter issues while being sustainable as well. Today the fruits of my labour arrived: a very solid midcentury modern coffee table to replace our current situation which is an old steamer trunk filled with Mr. Andrew’s ephemera and a beat up leather ottoman.

I found the table on Facebook Marketplace. I was looking for a piece with shelves and drawers to organize things like convertors and cables. I was also search for something that wasn’t sitting right on the the ground so it makes the room feel a little lighter (it will also be able to clean the floor).

I also ordered a handmade bottle dryer from Arcadia Woodworks on Etsy. I’ve been searching for such a device for about a year. If I’m going to buy something new, I want to invest in small businesses and makers. This one is particularly appealing because it disassembles and can be easily stashed away when not in use. It can also be used to dry bags so you can reuse them.