What’s New

This week I put my side hustles on hold because I was feeling kind of burnt out. One of the signs of my emotional malaise is the amount of retail therapy I’ve been indulging in.

On top of the coffee table and bottle dryer posted about earlier, I also ordered a bunch of sale stuff online last week and the packages started to arrive this week. Aside from the temporary boost in seratonin, here’s what I got:

  1. A mint green caftan. I already have the cheetah print version and I love it so why not have options?
  2. A mint green top. Again I have a similar shirt in black.
  3. Kraft dinner orange Crocs Bae Platforms. These have been on my wishlist since last summer. They make me very tall.
  4. Also bought this long duster on sale whilst shopping for sheets and pillows (the ones we have are going on are going on eight years old). It hasn’t arrived yet.

Between the most recent lockdowns and the terrible weather (Snow storms! Extremely cold temperatures! More snow!) I’ve been going a little stir crazy from being shut in. It was fun to shop for and dress up in Springy things.