What I Did Buy

Yesterday I wrote about the things I didn’t buy. Today’s post is about my purchases.

The greatest treasure is this Essex Crystal that I found whilst going on a mini thrift safari with my sister on Sunday. These novelties were made from a quartz Crystal that had been polished into a cabochon. The artist would then carve the image of an animal or flower into the reverse and then paint the etching for a 3D effect, They went out of style after manufacturers figured out out to cheaply approximate the effect with plastic or moulded glass. Also called reverse carved crystals, they were popular in the late Victorian through to the Edwardian eras. I have seen the knock offs but this is the first one I’ve found.

I also got these lovely lilac handknit socks at the MV

On Thursday I stopped by the VV on my way home from an appointment and found this garment. Based on the fabric, stitching and construction, I’d say it was Japanese

Found these NATO straps at the Value Village in St. Jacobs.

And because I packed only pajamas for my weekend away, I bought some clothes: a pair of Tanjay old lady pants; an American Eagle sweatshirt; a William Rast t-shirt (remember when Justin Timberlake was trying to be a fashion design and was positioning William Rast as his The Row?); and Haggar shawl neck cardigan. It all worked together somehow.