My Gifts

It was my birthday and I got some prezzies. There were experiential gifts, handmade tokens, and practical presents. All very much appreciated. For example, my friend Lynda mailed me a lovely handknit heart pin.

My sister Kim brought me a hand made bag from the Native Arts Collective in Kitchener. She also gave me Avene Scar Creme, an Aloe plant cutting, chocolates, and a super warm Tough Duck jacket to keep me warm (it was super cold outside last weekend).

I stayed over at Kim’s so I also got to experience two things that were high on my wishlist: cuddle times with her new cat and a swim in her building’s pool.

I also had quality time with my mom and nephew, who is also having a birthday this week. The mother treated us to a Canadian Chinese Food feast.

My sister Bobbi, niece Sarah and great niece Chloe organized an afternoon of outdoor activities. It was super cold but also so invigorating to be outdoors breathing in fresh air and to be moving around in general. Besides, I am too hot most of the time anyway.

Which brings me to the final present. I had to dinner with my friend Susie and her partner Ken. Susie also gave me this cooling towel to ease my hot and sweaty soul.