Hand Made Tale

I went to the Value Village to buy some thread on Friday and I spotted some madras fabric so I bought that too. Then I stayed up all night making a new frock.

I’ve made quite a few dresses over the last two years. The one pictured above was fashioned from a vintage sarong.

This tunic was crafted from some thrifted old Dutch Wax yardage. I am somewhat obsessed with what is called zero waste patterns—clothes that don’t require any off cuts.

This lounge dress was made from off cuts that I bought from an alterations place at Kipling station. The vest was knitted from yarn I found in a free basket on the sidewalk.

This coverup made of beach he towels was one of my first pandemic crafts. It was such a hit that I also made one for my sister and niece.

And this kimona-type jacket is basically two tea towels sewn together. Both are nice and absorbant on hot, humid days.