Self Care A Go Go

I’m a hoarder of hotel room toiletries because I hate to see half-used soaps and shampoos thrown out. I had travelled so much in the before times that we were able to go through two years of lockdowns without having to purchase any soap.

Normally, these hotel room products get the job done but ate nothing to write blog posts about, but I was in Saint Barth last week (glorious, will write about the trip later) and the hotel we stayed at was stocked with Sisley Paris toiletries. These high end products have been around since the seventies but I have never tried them before. Now I am hooked.

First of all the haircare is top notch. My hair and scalp have never felt better. I’m sure some props are due to the incredible shower at the Hotel Christopher or the frequent swims in the ocean, but I will be sad when my shampoo and conditioner samples run out.

Luckily, Sisley was a sponsor of the event I was sent to cover—Les Voiles de Saint Barth Richard Mille. I got some full-sized product in my welcome package. I haven tried everything yet but the Super Soin Solaire SPF 30 kept the sunburns away. I am a pasty gal and we were outside almost all day everyday. To not turn red is a major accomplishment.

And at one of the events we attended, we also received some sample-sized sunscreens. I really liked the SPF 50+ Face cream. It was thick but it didn’t leave me looking all chalky.