I have a very strict one in/two out policy when it comes to my closet. For everything that enters the wardrobe, two things gotta go. And it can’t be ”I has to throw our a pair of socks that couldn’t be darned any more so I guess I can buy a ball gown with a train” kind of trade. Nope. We’re talking and eye for an eye and two maxi dresses for a maxi dress.

Since I just acquired a whole passel of clothes, I spent the day downsizing and taking pictures of the things in the purge pile so I could list them on Poshmark. As per usual, there were a Ofew things that I just couldn’t part with after i tried them on again.

I’ll start with the packable Uniqlo U overcoat pictured up top. I bought it a few years ago thinking it was a raincoat. It is not. But it looked really good with the space dye dress that I bought for Mr. Andrew’s nephew’s wedding in August that it has been pardonned from the purge (it also helps that it folds up into a little pouch and doesn’t take up much space).

The black pants pictured above have also won a reprieve. I was going to cull them because I have three other pairs of black, drawstring pants, but these are the only high-waisted, wide-legged ones. Which means they work well with cropped tops.

And then there’s this Uniqlo x KAWS x Sesame Street sweatshirt that I got a couple of years ago. I missed out on the adult-sized top and consoled myself with a kid’s XL hoping that it would work. It’s still too small but I’m kind of okay with it now. It’s also quite collectible and part of me would like to make a little bit of money while rehoming my clothes. So this sweatshirt is getting a second chance — for now!