Batting 100

We’ve been pretty busy clearing out stuff from our storage room (our old neighbor left a lot of furniture and stuff behind when she moved out). I believe she was well intentioned and thought someone else in the building could use these objects, but nobody here wants them and I don’t have the bandwidth to try and sell them.

I was taking things out to the sidewalk to await someone who could use them (or scrappers) when my other neighbour asked me if I wanted a set of drawers that she had covered up on her porch. I am trying to purge but I couldn’t resist having a peek.

It was a lovely old chest and of course I said yes even though we have no place for it. For the moment, I’ve stacked it on a credenza in our bedroom.

I mean, who could resist the lucky bat brass hardware? Not me!

As you can see, it needs a little work. My neighbor says it was Korean and about 100 years old. Her husband practiced Chinese Traditional Medicine and used it to store his accupunture supplies. At some point someone taped it up to keep the drawers from opening up during a move so there’s a sticky residue that I’ll try and remove. If it doesn’t come off, I’ll add it to the many refinishing projects I’ve got lined up.