A Shopping Rampage

Sometimes I think I should rename this blog ”I Have A Problem” and it should just beva showcase of the things I obsessively accumulate. Like clothes. I don’t need any, bit I still keep buying them. Here is a catalogue of my recent unnecessary acquistions.

Up top: An I Love New York t-shirt that I bought on a recent trip to Nanhattan because I sweated through everything I packed and I needed something clean to wear on the plane.

Also purchased on the same trip, this Tabitha Brown for Target polka dot top.

And this tie back A New Day dress, also from Target. I went to Target to see if they had any of the garments I put on my wish list last month (they did not) but I got these things instead.

Oh, and this grey Universal Thread jumpsuit (which pairs well with my yard sale kimono find). I have gotten a lot of wear from the pieces already. They are very cool to wear in our hot and humid summer so far.

In between travels I picked up these patterned pants at Giant Tiger. I have had a similar pair on my Pinterest board for a couple of years now.

Back on the road again. I got caught in the rain whilst having a little amble before our afternoon event so I snuck into H&M and found this dress and these pants so I would have something dry to wear.

And finally, I took one last trip to a different Target in a futile search for the items from my wishlist (which I’ll picture below). Bought this cute top instead.

But that’s not all! I got back to Toronto, went downtown for some appointments and then stopped by Uniqlo to check out the Marni collab that dropped that morning. Most if the sizes were picked over but damned if the pieces in my size didn’t look so cute on me.

And since I was there anyway, I checked out the clearance section and purchased this deeply discounted Uniqlo U cardigan. Even though I have so many cardigans. Because I have a problem.