Keeping Cool

We’re having a heatwave. Which means no I’ve been searching for tools to keep me cool. i have bought a billion fans, cooling pads and cloths that promise to keep you chill. So far, only two things have brought me comfort (not counting our Dyson standing fan).

The number one lifesaver is the O2Cool Personal Necklace fan. It comes in four colours and it is designed to blow a nice breeze onto your neck and face (you can also direct the fan to other areas if you hold it in your hand). I call it my emotional support fan and depend on it to keep me cool whether its anxiety, exercise or heat that is making me sweaty. I love it so much that I’ve bought multiples.

I also purchased this French Linen kerchief from Muji. It has a little pocket that holds a small ice pack to keep the back of the neck to keep my core temperature down. I also bought multiples of this scarf.

Other things that are helping my survive this extreme weather: Drinking lots of water, staying inside our cool semi submerged apartment and working siestas into my day to conserve energy.