Ambles and Rambles

It is mind and spirit meltingly hot. We are lucky that our place is relatively cool and we can survive without air conditioning if we conserve energy. But today even turning out the lights and wrapping myself in ice packs was still not enough to counter the malaise. Plus, I had a cluster headache that blinded my one eye for most of the day.

I am not built for this weather.

I did manage to get outside on the weekend. It was too hot to exercise outside so I did some shop walking. On Saturday, I hit the Value Village and picked up these jewels. I consider teardrop earrings my signature but I sold my gold versions during the COVID times when I was short on cash. These brass versions are fill the hole in my jewelry wardrobe — I like the texture and the weight. The pewter hummingbirds are signed but the mark is illegible. I used to have a fantastic pair of hummingbird earrings that I lost. I bought little plastic backs for fishhook earrings so I wouldn’t lose anymore but I’ve already lost and found one of the drops.

I’m tired from the heat and blathering now, so I’ll finish this post with a picture of two, thrifted sterling silver bangles. They came in a little lot of cheap bracelets. They have a studio silversmith vibe and will no doubt get caught up in clothing when sweater season comes around.