I have been to the Eaton Centre a few times this week in a futile attempt to get a Moonswatch. It’s also super sale week at most boutiques in the mall when the shops mark down their summer stock to make room for Fall inventory.

In short, it’s a dangerous time for someone who does not need clothing but really likes to shop. On Wednesday I visited the Giant Tiger and picked up a pair of high-waisted, wide legged jeans (my previous chambray pants are no past the point of repair and will be recycled into something). I was also a little flattered to be able to fit into a size 14.

On Thursday’s trek to the Swatch boutique, I visited Old Navy, Uniqlo and the Gap, where I tried things on, took photos in the change room, and left. After another Swatch disappointment on Friday, I returned to the Gap and bought a hot pink Terry cloth top, a caramel brown puff sleeved t-shirt and a pair of grey cords (I already purchased the same pants in ivory last year).

What else? A targeted ad for a dress from Levi’s has been haunting my algorithms for weeks. I didn’t even realize that there was a Levi’s boutique in the Eaton Centre until Friday. I passed by it on my way to check out their clearance and the dress was there! And it fit me! And it was 60 percent off!

This is the photo from the sponsored post. Targeted ads apparently work like a charm on me. I even have a jean jacket that fits like this (though it’s blue and Lee’s). Just gotta get a super short hair cut.