Too Many Watches?

I have maybe acquired too many watches this year. I certain got too many watches this month. And most terrifying of all, I have obtained too many watches this week.

Let’s start with this electric blue Toy Watch tribute to the Bulgari Serpenti that I bought off Poshmark (and which arrived in the mail on Friday) and work our way back. I’m too lazy to link back to previous posts but I had this timepiece on one of my wish lists (except in yellow). I favourited this item a couple of months ago and two weeks ago the seller dropped the price.

On Thursday, Montblanc sent me a Summit Smart Watch to test drive.

On Wednesday, I went to the Value Village where I bought a bag of watches. Most were busted fitness trackers but there was a lot of gold as well, including this white time only Swatch.

And this 1960s Ducado Automatic (working and keeping good time).

And this almost passable Fauxlex. It is also an automatic and keeping good time. I am generally against fakes though I used to keep a very bad fake in my styling kit when I did wardrobe for TV. Because nobody was gonna lend me a real one.

This vintage Universal Genève is technically new — I got it in a swap in July — but it wasn’t working and needed to go out for repairs. I got it back on Tuesday.

Last week I only got two timepieces. My friend Chris Torella sent my this cute little watch that he fixed up. He has got the watch bug bad and has gotten into repairs. Thanks Chris!

Another Value Village find. This is a promo watch for Lever 2000 soap. It’s also quite clearly an homage to the TAG Heuer F1. It’s quite a premium piece of swag. It has a sapphire crystal and everything (except for a bezel that turns). I bought it because I can’t resist merch for some reason and for its day-glo green accents.

That’s all for now, folks. It’s still a goal to get my mitts on a Moonswatch so that’s a thing that could still happen this week. In the meantime you can find me rolling around on my piles of timepieces like a horological Scrooge McDuck.