Scary Monsters

Another recent art acquisition.

A couple of weekends ago, Mr. Andrew and I and our friends Samantha and Tony attended Super Crawl in Hamilton. Supercrawl is a late night, outdoor art event. It was super fun.

There were lots of installations but there were also local artists displaying and selling their work. One of those artists was Drew Taylor, who was/is a member of a collage collective called Group Of Seven Billion.

I saw this panel on a table of vintage books (an important source of material for village artists). It was splintered in two. I asked the artist how much, he gave me price that seemed insanely low. He said his ex had broken it and he just wanted it out of his life because of the bad energy around it.

So I paid him (a bit more than asking) and asked his permission to repair it (I ended up glueing it back together). He said it was okay. The break is part of the message.

My dad when he was carving used to talk about releasing the form from the wood or stone rather than trying to force a specific animal or figure onto the material. Likewise, I the drawing on this plaque emerges by following the figure of the wood.