Tiny, Achievable Goals

I am often overwhelmed by my to do list. The nature of my work requires constant and constantly shifting deadlines. I would say that my most marketable skill is that I have a pretty high reference level and I’ve been around long enough that I have the experience to write stories and provide context quickly. Do not expect my copy to be typo free, however.

If I don’t have a deadline, I am prone to procrastination. I have at least 10 unfinished scripts, paintings, and books lying around. There’s a shelf full of clothing that needs to be listed on Poshmark. And while I managed to whittle down my list of unfinished craft and repair projects, there’s still a box of skirts and shirts that are sooooooo close to being complete.

On Saturday, I decided to check off one small task a day until the end of November. I started with breaking down my hoard of cardboard boxes. We had kept a stash to help ship Etsy packages, but I had my shops on vacation because of travelling and also have not been selling very much because of the aforementioned not listing new things because of procrastination. I do not have a picture of this chore completed but the boxes have been flattened out for recycling.

(By the way, the shops — Graciousgood and Earnestine are live now: shop early and often for all of your gift giving needs)

On Sunday I decreed that I would actually finish reading a book before it was due back at the library. It took all day but mission accomplished!

On Monday, I sorted out my sock situation. I had been throwing single socks into a tote bag and that sack had grown into an overstuffed pillow. I re-paired the hosiery that I could and then did a mini purge of hosiery that I just don’t wear. You know, socks that seemed fun but bunch up or make your feet sweat. BAD SOCKS. I took a moment to reflect on the circumstances that lead me to but said socks in the first place so that I will not make the mistake again.