I’m in de-acquisition mode. I spent most of the evening photographing for listing things on Poshmark (my handle there is @rhondariche if you’d like to see what’s in my closet). But I have picked up a few second hand things in the last seven days.

On Sunday night, we were on our way to meet Mr. Andrew’s brother, sister-in-law and SIL’s nephew for dinner. We passed a neighbor’s yard sale en route to the subway. (It should be noted that in my entire existence, I have never seen an early Sunday evening, November yard sale). I ended up buying a red quilted long jacket because it kind of reminded me of the Lululemon Team Canada puffy jacket that I could not afford last year.

I have not tried the sewing machine out yet. That’s one of the reasons I’m purging.

I also got this ruffly chiffon caftan at the Value Village. It will be my go to formal gown if I ever get invited to any fancy events again. I mean, I probably won’t go because I’m antisocial, but it would be nice to be asked.