I had an idea, inspired by images on Pinterest, to upcycle a sweater with a wooly fringe. This morning, I had to go out to the East End for a BUNZ trade (more on that later) and decided to stop off at the Woodbine Value Village on my way home. I found some chunky wool and a pullover and brought my supplies home to see if I could realize my vision.

Starting from the bottom, I added rows of yarn. I had two skeins of green and two of blue. I added the movie “The People We Hate At Weddings” to the Netflix queue and got to work. It took longer than I thought so on top of the feature I also watched two episodes of The English. And then the power went out so I took a little break to hang out with the cat in the dark.

I returned to the project after dinner. We tried to watch the Will Ferrell/Ryan Reynolds movie whilst I attached strands to the sweater but even though I was only half paying attention, we couldn’t finish it. After switching to the latest episode of Chippendales, I still wasn’t done. And I was also kind of sleepy and passed out mid row.

Which brings us to 1:17 am. I think I’m finished but at the same time am wondering if I should add one more row. I will go to bed and (properly) sleep on it.