Plan Ahead

I’ve got a bit of travel coming up so of course I’m obsessing over what to pack. I’ve been imagining a capsule wardrobe in my mind. I’ve gone through many permutations of my current wardrobe and decided that I lacked a long sleeved shirt to help layer under and tie the various elements together. So I went to Value Village for exercise and to seek out this unifying piece.

Of course I didn’t find that too, but I found a bunch of other garments. Here’s a picture of me wearing everything all at once. This is a very Instagram influenced looks. Then photo up top shows off the very Merimekko-Esque tie.

Anyway, here’s what I bought for my next business trips: an Arran Knit wool sweater from Ireland; a vintage suede vest; a Wilfred Free tiered t-shirt dress; and a pair of black pants of unknown origin.