Wardrobe Reckonings

As you know, I’ve been keeping a visual diary of every garment in my closet. The idea was that the exercise would make me more mindful of my clothing purchases. Sort of like writing lines on a chalkboard. It would also serve as a reminder of the things I already owned to prevent me from acquiring things I didn’t need (because how many cardigans can one person own?).

So how is this social experiment going? Here’s a catalogue of the clothing I bought in 2023 so far. On the not good side, I bought/made/was given more clothes in January than I did in December. I’m already planning on Poshmarking many of the pieces because I got them on a fever. For example the Lemaire shirt and the Aran Market Sweater, neither of which fit but represented great value.

And now that I’m looking at these drawings I forgot a Honeybea sweater. I’ve long wanted one of these upcycled pieces so I greedily grabbed one when I found it on the rack at Value Village. I need to learn restraint and leave things for others.

On the plus side, I have got some terrific things over the last two months. Reflecting on this drawings gives me a bit of a path to having a more rationalized wardrobe. Ideally one where I could get up in the morning and get dressed without too much hand wringing.