She’s Thrifty

Some recent thrift shop scores. I’ve had many versions of this 1977 Seiko Hi Beat. Some were missing the bracelet and/or links that made them too small to wear. Or were base metal, gold tone with most of the plating worn off. This is the first intact, all stainless steel version that I’ve come across.

I have always admired Toronto label Honeybea’s upcycled garments. I was saving up to buy a quilted jacket but in the meantime I was overnight to find this sweater.

Just a cool moon night light.

A classic minimalist Lemaire shirt. I feel like it needs to be paired with a miniskirt.

Fantastic plastic bike brooch and two Swatches. Must go to the Swatch boutique for new batteries.

A 1970s Eagle Eye Action Man with flocked hair and kung fu grip.

And a more recent Fresh doll. I gotta make her some cool clothes