In an attempt to buy less clothing for myself I am instead purchasing new outfits for my watches. Since most of my timepieces are vintage, I’ve been seeking New Old Stock straps. For example, my Winnie The Pooh “Crash” (aka the Poohtier), originally came with a braided leather strap. So I headed to Canadian Watch Repair on Spadina which has a whole wall of vintage straps. Even though they are unworn, the old leather can dry out, but I found one that was still supple.

I also like the check out the Value Village for straps and bracelets. I was lucky to find what looked like a brand new NATO strap. It looks great with this Timex (a watch that I’m particularly obsessed with because I found it in a bag of broken jewelry about 10 years ago and I have never had to replace the battery.

And finally, in the weekend, I came across a hoard of leather bund straps. I didn’t buy them all but I was hoping that the blue one would suit my Ritz Crackers Watch.

The blue leather, the red top stitching… it should have been perfect! Unfortunately the lugs were too wide for the band width, so it looks a little sloppy. It will be perfect for my Caravelle Devil Diver (as soon as I can find my spring bar tool — my life is just a series of interludes of looking for stuff).