Doll Parts

Playing with dolls seems to be my midlife crisis. First I had an idea to collect articulated figures that I could use to do stop motion animations. Then I started to accumulate representations of celebrities such as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Beiber. Because most of the dolls I collected came from thrift shops, they often came without clothes so I made them new outfits. As a tribute to the Olsen’s fashion label, the Row, I even attempted to recreate garments from their collections.

Anyway, my artistic intentions have gone off the rails. I’ve bought things like this 1970s Eagle Eye Action Man. He has flocked hair, kung fu grip, and a lever in the back of his head so that he can look around. His hoodie and jumpsuit are also very au courant. I rationalized buying him by saying that I could sell him but I’m not done playing with him yet.

I also discovered that Dollarama is selling Barbie clothes. I can make new clothes for naked dolls but replacing missing shoes is much harder. Since these outfit kits come with shoes and boots I thought I’d buy a few.

Here is Mia, my Fresh Fashion doll, modelling some of these finds.

Most of them are very Y2K.

Not only do my dolls now have footwear, there are other accessories like jewelry, watches, sunglasses, visors and even a face mask!

And while I was buying toys anyway, I also got this LeBron James Space Jam action figure.

I still need to complete my Spice Girl collection but I shall try to pump the brakes on purchasing any new Poupees. But playing dress up is still fun. And maybe I’ll start a Tik Tok. All I know is that when I’m living alone in the home, I will be able to amuse myself.