All You Single Earrings

This blog exists because I need a place for blathering. Originally I hoped to produce posts that were well researched and informative. But I’ve been doing this for over a decade and I’m so tired from my day jobs and side hustles that I can’t even be bothered to just cut and paste info from Wikipedia (not that I would do that). So now the blog has become a repository of things that I found, presented with very little context.

Like these earrings. I’m sure I found them in a bag of broken jewelry from a thrift shop. These loot bags once provided me with material for making my own jewelry. Mostly beads and brooches that needed simple repairs that could then be sold on Etsy or at a flea market. When I took a silversmithing course I had acquired enough gold to melt down to cast a wedding band.

I still sometimes buy these mystery sacks but I have not found precious stones or metal in a long time. That’s okay because I haven’t had time to continue my silversmithing journey or invest the proper effort into becoming a proper vintage jewelry dealer. In fact, I’ve effectively shut down my Graciousgood Etsy shop and switched to selling clothing and accessories on Poshmark.

This trip down memory lane was triggered because I found these two earrings — a sterling silver and Jade drop and a Pearl dangling from a diamond stick — whilst looking for an embroidery needle two days ago. I used to stash these things away so I could melt them down when I had accumulated enough (it takes a lot of earrings and other scrap to make a simple ring). These two were either overlooked in an earlier purge or the represent the moment when everyone became a lot less careless when donating old jewelry to the Value Village.

For the time being I’ve decided that they have been sitting in the back of a drawer for way too long so I am going to wear them in their mismatched state for now, I am embracing the current cultural l state (the gentrification of thrift shopping, the rising cost of everything, lacking the energy for side hustles). Let’s make assymetric earrings a thing!