Clothes Shopping At Ikea

Long story short. IKEA announced that they were doing a collaboration with Marimekko. The theme of the collection was a celebration of sauna culture and would include items such as shower curtains, bath towels, bench towels and serving trays.

I love all things Marimekko but generally can only afford things I find at thrift shops or items that the Finnish brand does with companies like Target, H&M, Uniqlo, and, in the case of this coin purse, Clinique.

While I am a sucker for all things Marimekko, I don’t really need housewares. But the collection also included a robe option in two different patterns. So I took myself out to Etobicoke and bought both versions. I fully intend to wear them as jackets or wrap dresses this summer. Heck, I wore one on Sunday.

I often struggle with my identity. Am I a minimalist or am I maximalist? The versatility and simple shape of the robe and the fun patterns and bright colours let me be both.

I also picked up this classic Ikea shopping bag with a Merimekko print. It’s a highly impractical satchel but it was only $3.99 so I couldn’t resist. It could make a good picnic or yard sale bag.

And since I was already at Ikea, I ate some Swedish Meatballs.