I had to vacate the house for a couple of hours on Thursday so I decided to trek up to National Thrift at Keele and Lawrence. It’s a little out of the way so O don’t go as often as I would like but it never disappoints.

I got a whole passel of clothes, many still with tags but the thing I was most excited about excited about was this rectangular Swatch. Unfortunately, the resin links were brittle with age and cracked not long after I took this picture. And the bracelet is not compatible with standard Swatch straps nor do they make them anymore.

I went down a rabbit hole of ways I might be able to make my own replacement links. I investigated 3-D printing and resin casting but I think the simplest route would be to fashion new pieces by carving them out of acrylic. I ordered a little dremel tool to help me sculpt replacements. Wish me luck.