I’m going to Switzerland for a week-and-a-half for Watches & Wonders and I’ve become preoccupied with how to pack. Going to watch fairs is not new but the world of travel has changed dramatically since last year. For one thing, airlines are charging more for checked luggage so I definitely need to fit everything into a carry on. Plus I’ve heard so many stories about lost luggage that I would be wary of checking bags any way. And I couldn’t get a direct flight and my turnaround time in Montreal is quite tight. I don’t need the extra anxiety of waiting around a luggage carousel for my suitcase.

Which leaves me spending my spare time figuring out what to wear. Here are some snaps of outfits that are in contention.The fair itself has a business casual dress code. Given that press and buyers come from all over the world that phrase has many different connotations. My best bet is to go for a minimalist monochromatic aesthetic.

The next challenge is that there are more formal dinners and events at night. And often there won’t be much time to go back to the hotel and change before party time. There are lockers at the convention centre where I can stash my evening attire. I find that layering tulle over my daytime looks is a quick way to transform.

On the other hand, how about more colourful options? These are all looks I’ve worn on past trips. I mean I would wear the dresses with tights and pair things with a nice blazer. In the past I’ve packed for five days and then hand washed everything in the sink, remixing separates.

But what blazers to choose? I’m unsure about what the weather will hold. So will a heavier wool jacket do double duty if it gets cold? Plus I can only wear sensible shoes so what looks good with runners and Birkenstocks? And don’t get me started on what watch to wear!