I saw this person at the Value Village and fell in love with the ensemble. This picture doesn’t come close to capturing the loveliness of the layering but trust me, it was next level. So I set about scouring the store for pieces that would approximate this look.

Technically I already had a similar jacket—I found it last week at Old Navy for $3.97. And, yeah, I have loads of joggers and other soft pants. What I was searching for was a shirt dress or tunic top.

I’ve talked about my ability to manifest certain things whilst out thrifting before. I don’t actually believe the universe is providing my wishes. The more rational explain is that you are looking for a specific thing you’re more likely to find it. But I was still surprised that I was able to locate such a garment in minutes after spotting my initial inspiration and that the shirt dress that I found was a Derek Lam 10 Crosby garment priced at just $14.