A Handle On Travel

Before I went to New York last month, I ordered a bunch of stuff from the shopping site Temu. It’s the second time I’ve ordered from them and I’ve been very happy with my purchases so far (although I suspect there’s something environmentally and ethically wrong with buying from international online retailers in general).

Mostly I got art and jewelry making supplies. But I also bought this plastic link chain purse strap. I’ve been thinking of ways to convert my Louis Vuitton BB toiletries bag into a purse for a while now. Ideally I would like to purchase a long, beaded cross body strap, but I thought I’d try it out with this teal handle. The larger problem is how the bag opens. It might be good for travelling and one needs to be able to access larger things like medicine, travel documents, and electronics without having to fish around in a tote bag. But maybe it’s not so great for when you just want something flat.

Speaking of travel, I also ordered a new emotional support fan from Temu. This one is a little more discreet than my other wearable cooling devices. It’s also rechargeable so slightly more environmentally friendly. I will still use the other necklace fans in more casual situations as they are a little quieter. This will be my fancy fan.

While I was in New York I also bought this Peeps shaped power bank because most of my old batteries have given up the ghost. And this one is cute.

And for long haul trips, I got myself a retro hand held console game with 200 slightly off brand games even though I just want to play Tetris—sorry, I mean Brick Game.