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A Day In The Life

All around Toronto

Rock & Roll Part 2

A list of every band I’ve seen (so far)

Basel Street Style

Maximalist vs Minimalist

Tattoo Me

I was in Miami Beach last week, working on some watch-related stories and checking out the Art Basel scene.It was a heady week, a lot of crazy stuff went down and I got… Continue reading

Happy Hauloween

Werewolves are better than Vampires. Discuss


From Lauryn Hill to Lawren Harris


On Friday, Mr. Andrew and I went to see Dolly Parton. It was amazing! (We were in the lawns so too far away for photos so please accept this photo of the merch… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: STP

Super Terrific Promo

Coachella Style

¬†I was in California to write about watches, specifically the Tag Heuer Connected smart watch (you can read my story here). Being able to spend a weekend talking timepieces, checking out some of… Continue reading

Holiday Market Haul

I’ve been trying to do my seasonal¬†shopping outside of the malls this year. And I like to feed my art addiction by checking out the handmade objects available at the local Christmas craft… Continue reading

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