On Friday, Mr. Andrew and I went to see Dolly Parton. It was amazing! (We were in the lawns so too far away for photos so please accept this photo of the merch that I got.) And the experience was all thanks to bartering.

I Bunz traded a watch for one of the tickets. I’ve been doing the bartering thing for almost a year now. Most of the swaps have been great and all have provided an interesting glimpse into the lives of my fellow Torontonians.

Here are my most beloved Bunz Trades so far:


A Helmut Lang sweater.

Movado Bold

This Movado Bold watch which I traded some clothes (including a Vivienne Westwood top) for. Another thing I love about Bunz is that its not always about the retail or resale value item of something but rather how much you love or appreciate it. I love this watch a lot!

Diamond Rings

I traded a risograph print for this diamond band. I like how its curvy design makes my engagement ring look like a comet.

And finally, I also picked up this pair of Rachel Comey Mars Booties in return for a gift card.

Rachel Comey Mars Booties