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Midweek Modness: Bird on a Scarf

Kismet and Kusama

Words and Pictures

Making with the art

More Art, More Etsy

Again, it was a pretty spectacular month for art finds. In fact, there have been so many fine finds that I have decided that I need to pare down and focus the collections.… Continue reading

Birthday Presents

    This week, to celebrate my birthday, I’ve made a few excursions. For example, yesterday Mr. Andrew and I played hooky and wandered around town doing cool things such as visiting the… Continue reading

Catching Up

A roundup of some roamings.

Midweek Modness: Macdonald Block

Secret art

Cat Lady

I’ve been puttering around the place distracting myself with tasks like grouping various collections together. There’s no reason to do it. I’m just doing it. I thought I’d begin with an inventory of… Continue reading

Catching Up

Images from our evolving home

There Are Llamas

Camelid camera

Having A Ball

Have yourself a furry little Christmas

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