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Autumn Layers

My Fall Jewellery Haul

Auction Results

Bidding winnings

Portuguese Gold Earrings

Guilty pleasures

Midweek Modness: M&PL Ring

Studio project

Ketty Dalsgaard for Buch Deichmann Hoop Earrings

Ring the bells!

Ulu Earrings

Let’s knife!

Midweek Modness: Bond Boyd Abstract Earrings

I’ve had these signed Bond Boyd sterling doorknocker earrings for a million years. As you may recall, Bond Boyd is a Canadian concern that mostly manufactures for the tourist trade and for institutions.… Continue reading

Champions: Gold Drop Earrings

The gold drop earrings are my all-time favourites

Upgraded: Diamond Stud Earrings

It’s time for a jewellery swap.

Champions: Gold Drop Earrings

My favouritest earrings ever.

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