Hit and Miss

blog-dooney-bourkeBeing able to find treasure is hard. Convincing yourself that you have found treasure is easy. For example, I recently paid too much for this fake Dooney & Bourke bad at the Value Village. I talked myself into it because it was made of leather even though the hardware looked wrong and it was missing the interior tag. I could fool myself no longer when the “All Weather Leather” tag (which looked convincingly stitched on) popped off. I was greedy and I learned my lesson.

new shoes ferragamo

On the plus side, I paid very little for these completely authentic, fur lined Ferregamo wedges. They are surprisingly comfy considering how pointy the toes are.

raffia bag shell earrings

In a nutshell, the lure of luxury goods is powerful. That’s why there are so many counterfeits out there in the first place. Which makes the odds of finding the real deal in a thrift shop pretty slim. And there are plenty of well made and beautiful finds that don’t carry a fancy label — like this raffia clutch and silver and conch shell earrings. And while I consider these things treasure in their own right, I do like to brag about a great score. This is probably a major reason that I started skulking around in second hand shops in the first place.