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Marni for H&M Haul Part 2: How I Wore It

Still so excited about my Marni for H&M purchases. I’ve already bragged about my individual finds, now I’m going to make you look at how awesome I look in them. Above: The silk… Continue reading

Miscellaneous Week: 1992 Jewellery and Luxury Goods Ads

Vintage Accessory Ads from 1992

Year View Mirror: Accessories

Some of my favourite accory purchases of 2011

Year View Mirror: Bracelets

My favourite bracelet finds of 2011

Midweek Modness: Michaela Frey

Michaela Frey was an Austrian enamellist. She started her studio in the ’50s and the company continues today as Frey Wille. One of the things I like about mid-century modern studio jewellery is… Continue reading

Sidewalk Find: Hermès Iris Ukiyoé

Had an magical and fantastic weekend celebrating all sorts of things with some very amazing ladies. I’ll share more later, but first let’s talk about my sidewalk find. Walking around Yorkville on Saturday.… Continue reading

Scarf Magic: Knowledge is Power!

I love silk scarves, but have never figured out but one way to wear them. Yesterday at work, my colleague Tracey Ho Lung was wearing her Hermès scarf in a very chic, low-slung… Continue reading

My Spidey Sense

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but sometimes I have an uncanny ability to find certain things. For example, the time I woke up thinking “I wish I had a star sapphire.” And… Continue reading

Vintage Fashion Ads From 1985

That Victoria & Albert Album I found last week also had some crazy cool old clothing adverts. Remember kids, the 1980s were an era of conspicuous consumption. Why Hermès only had to show… Continue reading

Interview with a Photographer: Sarah Moon

Here’s an interview I did with British-born, French photographer Sarah Moon about ten years ago. Moon visited Toronto in spring 1999 to introduce a retrospective entitled Inventaire 1985-1999 at the Jane Corkin Gallery.… Continue reading

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