Marni for H&M Haul Part 2: How I Wore It

Still so excited about my Marni for H&M purchases. I’ve already bragged about my individual finds, now I’m going to make you look at how awesome I look in them.

Above: The silk cardigan and appliqué T shirt, worn with an Hermès dip dye scarf and fuchsia trousers from Old Navy (not shown). Below, the 3-pack stretch necklaces and bracelet worn with an Carin Wester dress.

MArni for H&M Jewellery Haul

One last note: I have reached a point where I have all the clothes I could ever need… Except for a crocheted dress. And a bathing suit. Please do not sell the woman in these pictures any other garment no matter how cheap or pretty for at least one full year.