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blog DIY Olds

I’ve been on an upcycling rampage — going through my list of fix ’em ups or throw ’em outs.Here’s some of my completed projects.

This first necklace is actually an I’ve had in my head for about ten (or more) years. Remember when kids used to swipe hood ornaments and wear them as pendants? I was collecting pieces of broken badges from accident sites and thought it would be funny to  make a medallion of this Oldsmobile fragment (because I’m an old) and the Honda symbol (because Rhonda Honda).

blog DIY olds 2I just couldn’t figure out how to assemble it (the material is sort of plastic-y and can’t be soldered). Then it hit me — I could just glue it to a scrap of leather and attach the chain to the skin.

blog DIY ring

Speaking of glue it yourself. I got this Mexican silver ring in a bag of broken jewellery. It looked like it originally had some sort of metal piece overlaying the black stone, but it had broken off. I cut off and sanded down the broken bits and then glued the green Peking glass cabochon to the stone. I like the result. I think it has an oversized, Art Deco feeling.

blog DIY bats

About two years ago, I swiped these plastic bat decorations from my sister’s Halloween party, vowing to make a necklace out of them. Mission accomplished.

blog DIY lucite

And finally, when I buy bags of broken jewellery, they are often filled with weird silicone watch bands that you can pop watch mechanisms into. I wanted to see what would happen if I popped a rock in there instead, but I’ve never had success with these experiments. Then on the weekend, I came across this reverse-carved lucite pendant at the site of an abandoned yard sale in Trinity Bellwoods park. I picked it up and brought it home. Lo and behold it fit perfectly.