blog book gucci

I’m trying to not buy things, but my magpie nature still wants me to feed it new things. So I’m diving deep into my upcycling stash.

blog book gucciA couple of months ago I found a leather bound copy of the poems of Sir Walter Scott on the sidewalk. It had been left out in a torrential downpour and the pages were pretty much ruined. Still I picked it up and vowed to do something with it, maybe make a bangle covered with the book’s hide. I also had this faux Gucci bracelet that had been upholstered with cheap papery fabric. I took it apart to see how it was constructed and it turns out it’s simply double-sided weather stripping tape and fabric.

So I cut up the cover, wrapped the leather around the two-sided tape and then glued that onto the bangle. This is a prototype. I want to save the gilded WS monogram until I become more skilled at this technique. The end result looks just okay.

blog necklace repair

A smaller but more successful story is this gorgeous rhinestone choker. It was missing one of the navettes. Because this piece uses prong settings it’s a pretty easy fix, but finding a stone that fit was trickier. But I found a single earring that had its match and now this necklace is once again wearable. Maybe I’ll take it for a spin at a film festival party.