Anatomy of a Bag of Broken Jewellery

As mentioned in past posts, I obtain a lot of jewellery and jewellery findings in bags of broken bijoux that the Value Village and other thrift shops sell. I also promised to give you a glimpse into the treasure that these surprise bags can hold.

Pictured above is a loot bag that I found at the Value Village on the weekend. It was priced at $5.99, which is cheaper than most. While some pickers tear through the bags to inspect every last single earring, I just like to get a feel for the weight. If the sack has too many Mardi Gras beads, I usually take a pass.

The funnest part fro me is sorting the loot. This bag yielded a lot of treasure. For example, the costume bracelets and necklaces pictured below were in very good shape with the exception of some clasp issues. Some of the more broken pieces will be used to donate their closures to the cause.

It does make me a little vexed when people give up on a item just because of a little repair. But then again, this throwaway culture has resulted in a lot of fab finds. For example, the gems pictured below are all marked sterling. There are two single earrings, the rest (about 20g worth) is tarnished but totally wearable.

In a nutshell, it makes me sad that we discard so much stuff. But it makes me happy when I find little treasures like this. And then I worry that even though I’m doing it at a thrift level, I’m still participating too much in consumerist culture.