Collections Week: Hats

img_6902These are all hats that I acquired in 2016. I like the idea of hats, but they don’t necessarily suit me and my loaf of bread-sized head. The straw hats I picked up on various travels to prevent sunstroke. I am particularly fond of the boater, which I got in Montreal. The  ball caps were part of my civic pride during the Blue Jays’ run for the pennant (behind the vintage snap back is another, exactly the same model). And the felty chapeau was on sale and I always saw the hipster gals wearing them and thought it would make me look cool. It may have, but the wind kept blowing it off my head so I gave up wearing it.

sAnd don’t even get me started on beanies. Last year I discovered how great they are for travelling (they keep your head warm in over air-conditioned spaces and they hide hat hair on long plane rides and bus trips). The grey one was a fortuitous find after I fell on my face in Iceland (the hat I was wearing at the time got a little — how do I put this delicately — bloody). The Basquiat toque is from a trip to New York and the pink hat is a rose-coloured version of my Dollarama favourite. I have one in Navy, Green and Black as well. At least at time of typing. I have found hats all over the world and I have lost hats all over the world.