Two Plus Two Plus Two Plus Two

Here are some recent thrift and antiquing finds, presented two at a time, by category. First up: Bracelets! The black bangle ($4) is bakelite and richly carved. The copper clamper  ($4) is also very cool. I cannot resist copper even though it turns my skin green.

Next up, necklaces. I was drawn to the monogrammed pendant ($1) because of its interesting typography and “A” is for Mr Andrew. (I also just bought a gold resting kit, and it turns out that this charm is 10k gold!) The filagree necklace ($4) is both boho and brutalist. It will make a nice summer accessory.

Speaking of spring, my biggest thrift shop find this week is this Pucci Pencil skirt ($6). It’s way too small for me, so it’s bound for the Gracious, Good Etsy shop. I also found a pretty purple silk scarf by Vera.

And finally, fun fish brooches/