The To Do List

seiko to doThe freelance life was a little slow last week, so I kept busy by tackling my fix it to do list. Some are mundane — like getting links taken out of the bracelet of this Seiko Chronograph so that I could wear it finally.

lamp to do

Other chores have been on the list forever. Like finding shades for this five-arm arch lamp. I finally had to make them myself by hacking some IKEA pendants. I also took the patches off my old, now over-sized jean jacket onto a new-to-me vintage one (pictured here, draped on my office chair). Also please pay no mind to the mess.

deer headI found this carved wooden wall mounted deer head earlier this summer. It was a major bargain because its ears were missing and its antlers had come loose. I knew I could reglue the horns, but given my procrastination skills, I figured that if I had to recarve new ears it wouldn’t match and I would never do it anyway. Then I remembered these wee wood mouse objects of my youth remembered that they had cute little leather ears.

I just so happened to have extra leather scraps left over from my Ookpik restoration project. so I cut some pieces to shape and glued them into the place with the ear holes.

There are so many other things that need doing. So many unfinished projects on deck.