Collections Week: Vignettes

88461259-2230-4853-82D0-C3398CC17377When we moved into our current place, I wanted — heck, needed — a long, low dresser. And sometimes when I know what I want it feels like I can literally will that object into existence.

I did find the perfect mid century dresser for cheap on Craigslist. And over time it has also become home for more than a couple collections. Here’s a peek at three vignettes.

Pictured above is a detail of a light box made by my friend Gary Ponzo. The ostrich egg was meant to be a gift for Gary (who has his own collection of such things), but I was greedy and kept it for myself. Likewise, I picked up this resin egg with turquoise nuggets as a present for Gary but just can’t bring myself to hand it over. The urns contain the cremains of our past pets Mad Dog and Claude Cat.

810BCED9-833A-438E-BFA1-749FC774B65EMaybe bing on, this mid-century, Made in Canada vase holds some silk flowers because there is not enough light in our bedroom to support plant life. The trio of wooden busts all have different stories. The small carving on the left is from Kenya. The lady in the middle was brought back from Côte d’Ivoire by my Uncle Eric who gave it to my Grandmother who covered her up with a tshirt and then gave her to my Aunt Nancy, who then gave it to me. The folk art bust is a Value Village find. And sitting in front of them is a mask made by famed Oaxacan bardo negro Potter Doña Rosa.

23B0E316-DEED-498C-83A3-0B267A69308FI told you this dresser is long!

The third section of the surface is home to our printer but also a small assortment of beloved treasures including a painting by Peter Petrovitch, an old tin and a beat up Enid Wood wooden purse, a found photo, a glass and brass jewellery coffers, a cut paper pig from my friend Sylvia Cavanagh, a vintage photo of a young girl that I found at an estate auction and my favourite ring holder by Toronto ceramicist Grace Lee. Oh and the evil looking bunny is a 1960s or ’70s piggy bank made by costume jewellery makers Napier. It’s holding my retirement fund.