Epic Thrift Week Part 2: Norval Morrisseau Print

norval Morrisseau cosmic Child 1 Serigraph

In the span of one week in late October, I managed to find two of my collecting holy grails. Yesterday I wrote about the Value Village Hermés Shawl. Today, let’s talk about the Norval Morrisseau Serigraph Print that I picked up for $25 (along with a couple of other cool art-related items).

The Goodwill was having a 50 percent off sale (this is the event where I got my $5 python cowboy boots). After I picked that Thrift shop clean, I walked down to one of my favourite antique store on St. Clair. It is one of those places that is packed to the ceiling with stuff — I’m always a little afraid I’ll be buried under a falling wall of junk if I pull a piece out the wrong way.

One of the load-bearing objects was the print pictured above. I could tell it was a real print, but it was matted in a way that the signatures and edition numbers were obscured. I strongly suspected it was a Norval Morrisseau — the most famous artist of the Woodland School. I’ve long admired his work but have been actively looking for a piece of my own since we shot Janna and Dean’s place in Covet Garden. My efforts were redoubled after writing about Colleen Nicholson’s print in our April 2015 issue.

Research revealed that my find is a serigraph based on an original painting called “Cosmic Children 1.” It was probably part of a set of six authorized limited edition prints that were published in the early 1980s by ALVO Canadian Art Inc. and printed by Superb Graphics in Toronto.

Peruvian Ceramics

My $25 bucks also got me this cool book about Peruvian ceramics and an African wood carving of a drummer. It’s probably an example of airport art, but it’s quite detailed and has found a prominent place to live in our living room.

African Mahogany Drummer Sculpture