50 + Years of Fragrances: Factices

Whenever a new fragrance is launched, the press kit usually spends as much time talking up the designer of the perfume bottle as they do about the “nose” who designed the scent.

Packaging is an important part of selling perfumes. One of the ways fragrance houses market scents is with over-sized novelty bottles called a “factice“.

In the window at Fritsch Fragrance, there are factices of some of the most beautiful bottles ever designed. Pictured above are two versions of Salvador Dali flacons, designed by Dali himself in 1983.

The best-known perfume bottle design is probably Nina Ricci’s L’Air du Temps (pictured below). First introduced in 1948, this ultra-feminine scent was re-packaged in a a dove-topped design by René Lalique.