My First Hermès Scarf

Who’s the baboushka? I’m the baboushka! Or as I prefer, hot matron in a Brides de gala dip dye scarf. This is also a rare opportunity to share with the world a look Mr. Andrew calls “Mirror Face.”

But back to the scarf… The original Brides de gala (en anglais, Gala bridles) was designed by Hugo Grygkar in 1957 and is Hermes’s best-selling design of all time. In 2009, Hermès introduced the dip dye collection — classic prints that are immersed in a dye bath, giving the scarf a velvety, washed silk texture and an aged, patinated appearance (yeah, I stole this language from the website… what of it?). I believe my scarf (or carré, as us Hermès scarf owners call them) is from 2009.

Thrift tip: This new old stock item cost about $400 less than it’s current in store cousin (pictured above).